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Barrel Cooking is a really cool way to bbq 20 to 100 pounds of beef , chicken, turkey and pork. It is also very easy to do, once the meat goes on the grill in your pit barbeque. You never mess with it again until you take it out of the barrel. This could be 4 to 14 hours later depending on how much you are cooking.

Unless you buy one of these fine pit bbq cookers, the process is kind of a barbeque secret. Lets just say this---after you do this one time you will be hooked on this type of pit barbecuing. When you see the looks on peoples faces you will say "is this cool or what!!" This is the only way to pit bbq for special occasions. Bottom line, this is some of the best pit barbeque barrel cooking around.

When the meat comes out of the barrel cooker you might as well put your knife away. It just falls off the bone, I mean all the way off!! Enjoy!!

pit bbq
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